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Natural Dream Living

We are working on the website

 Keep it tuned, we’ll be soon back with the new website. Meanwhile, you can keep shopping for our products and feel free to ask us questions about them. You can contact us by phone or email:
+41 (0)76 4700024

Pure herbs, oils and roots
NO compromises

No saturated or hydrogenated fats
No preservatives

Your pet friends deserve it, as well
Nature's just fine by itself

We deal with green, organic, 100% natural products only.


All products are made exclusively with natural ingredients, such as minerals, roots, leaves, berries and barks.


Made from pure ingredients that are processed following Brahmins' ancient prescriptions.


We produce also products that may be used by the whole family.

Swiss Quality

We supply high quality from patent to clients.

Are you looking for a natural skin remedy?

Irya, A Cream for Everyone!
100% Natural Roots. Original Ayurveda.

Suitable for the whole family, helping skin's scarring, irritations, itching, chapping, and moisturizing sensitive skin.

Irya crema Ayurveda
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